I imagine my thesis to be an artbook that asks the reader to question the understanding and practice of human and non-human relationality. Not only through words and images but also through its design and tactility. It is my intention for this work to not have a begin or end to the entanglement of meaning embodied. Research moves my flow of thought, flow of thought moves research, they shape artworks. Words blend with images, blend with paper, blend with words, with fingers and eyes.
With this prototype I show the making process and explore the precarities that arise when I engage with the book.
The book will be a approximately 7 meter long scroll of rice paper. The information is printed with cyanotype, which is a light sensitive emulsion that reacts to sunlight and develops and fixates with water. The book will be exposed to sunlight but not fixated and sealed in a box. Further exposure to sunlight will overexpose the book and information will disappear. The information can be fixated through contact with water but fixing in fluid might not come without consequence.
I want the book to ask the reader to become aware of the movements and connections between the reader and the surroundings. 
I want the book to ask the reader to feel the paper, to feel the sun, to feel the shade, to feel the seasons, to feel the pass of time, to feel the weight of choice, to feel responsable, to feel engaged, to feel lost, to feel eager, to feel consequence, to feel caring, to feel aware, to feel fixed, to feel fluid, to feel human, to feel non-human,