Paces and rhythms
Movement and stillness 

Starting a process in which elements organically influence each other, merge, transform

Through questioning, I map relations
Between myself and others
Between things and surroundings
Investigating how bodies change into new qualities that open new connections

I move following continuous interaction
Thought and physical investigation 
Artistic intuition and dynamic reflection
Visualising fluid languages that carry their story further
Fluid Syntaxis
Fluid Syntaxis is, besides being a physical artproject, an online artwork that serves as a graduating project in 2020.
The Fluid Syntaxis research is a spatial investigation of different forms of meaning-formations in water. ‘Meaning-formations’ refer to forms of water-language that are written in multiple types of media. The research explores what it means to fix and what it means to be fluid. It embraces the constant tension and flow between an anthropocentric view and a relationality of being with, of becoming. Between identification and change, control and flow.
Melle Foortjes is a Dutch designer (Almelo, 1998). Growing up in the calm east of the country gave her the oppertunity to explore her receptive senses. Giving her a fascination for detail, scale, continuous interaction and process. 
Currently she prepares her final graduating work in Crossmedia Design at the AKI ArtEZ University of the Arts. A work entitled Fluid Syntaxis on non-human language and the memory of water.
Melle Foortjes © 2020.